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Who we are

The Independent Methodist Connexion is a group of churches which are situated in the North of England with others in Bristol, the midlands and at Ramsey on the Isle of Man. Most of them bear the name 'Independent Methodist', but a few have local names, often related to their origins. Each church is self-governing. The Connexion acts as a spiritual and collective focal point. The denomination is a small one which gives it a character quite different from much larger church bodies. This has the advantage of simplified administration, but the drawback of a limited national profile.

Each Year there is an Annual Meeting where all the major decisions affecting the denomination are taken by representatives from the churches. 

As you read through the accompanying pages, you will find a description of the Connexion and its activities. 


In the year 2013 the denomination had 1,626 church members in 78 churches. The full list is given in the CHURCHES section.


The denomination is represented on the appropriate committees of Churches Together in England, Churches Together in Britain and Ireland, Free Churches’ Group and Women’s World Day of Prayer. It is also a member of the Evangelical Alliance.

Saturday 28 Jul 18
Connexional Annual Meeting
Venue: The Hayes | Swanwick

Sunday 29 Jul 18
Connexional Annual Meeting
Venue: The Hayes | Swanwick

Saturday 20 Oct 18
Connexional Committee
Venue: Thatto Heath

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