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Young People

The Youth Officer deals with all matters relating to the support of churches in children’s and young people’s work. These include:

  • Young People’s Weekends.
  • Youth Workers’ Training Days.
  • Annual Scripture Search Project.
  • Financial grants for audio-visual equipment.
  • Visits to churches to discuss local needs in young people’s work.
  • Grants to individuals from the M.M. and W. W. Kay Fund.


The Connexion has a child protection policy and has a Child Protection Liaison Officer who:

  • Promotes this issue among the churches by advising them of good practice
  • Organises child protection courses
  • Arranges CRB checks for Connexional ministers.


CAS Form
Documentary Evidence Sheet

Child Protection Information

Safeguarding– A Changing Landscape

Welcome to the first edition of CAS News, the new quarterly newsletter of the Churches’ Agency for Safeguarding. We have been thinking of producing something along the line of a newsletter for quite a while and it appears pertinent to do so now, with the safeguarding landscape fast changing as a result of the introduction of a Vetting and Barring Scheme (VBS) and new registration requirements by the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA).

We particularly feel the need to keep you regularly informed of ongoing developments with the scheme, because of the responsibility it will place on churches and their workers, and also because of enquiries we continue to receive about

the scheme’s impact on existing CRB requirements.

Thus far, there has been genuine and understandable concern expressed from all quarters about the scheme, its rationale and interplay with existing systems such as CRB checks and the new responsibilities placed on employers, employees and volunteers.

CAS has followed the develop-ment of the VBS closely from day one, and has been able to contribute constructively to its development. We have done so individually and collectively through our membership of the Faith CRB Faith Sector Consultative Group and Christian Forum for Safeguarding which we convene.

We believe that we have been able to represent the views and concerns of our members effectively, and that these have been taken on board by policy makers. Please refer to an excerpt of our interview published in the September 2009 edition of the CRB’s Disclosure News, which we have reproduced here. It gives an over-view of our preparation for VBS.

By the time this goes to print, CAS would also have attended a residential conference with the Home Office’s Vetting and Safeguarding Unit, to discuss the VBS and ongoing arrangements for its roll out over the coming years. This will provide an opportunity to feed into the process at a crucial stage of the scheme’s roll-out. Stephen Boyo, email: boyos@methodistchurch.org.uk

Key VBS developments for you to note are as follows:

From 12 October 2009 – it is now an offence for ISA-barred individuals to work or apply for work with children or vulnerable adults in a wide range of posts and employers face a range of sanctions if they knowingly employ a barred person across a wider range of work.

There will now only be 2 new ISA-barred lists – one for children and the other for vulnerable adults. POCA, POVA and List 99 have now been replaced by these two lists.

From 12 October 2009 Employers (including churches and Christian organisations) - must refer in-formation about individuals working with children or vulnerable adults to ISA if they consider them to have caused harm or pose a risk of harm to either group.

July 2010 - new entrants to work with vulnerable groups can register with the ISA;

November 2010 - new entrants must register with the ISA before starting work;

April 2011 - existing workers can start to ISA-register. CRB/ISA will publish, in good time, their recommendations as to dates by when they should register.

CRB checks are still continuing!

Many churches and Christian based organisations have asked us about the continuing need for CRB checks in the light of VBS. Our standard reply is that CRB checks are still required for exist-ing and potential employees and volunteers who are or will be working with children and vulnerable adults.

The only change to CRB is that Standard CRB checks are no longer required of individuals working with children and/or vulnerable adults or intending to do so from October 12 2009. They will now need to get Enhanced CRB checks instead.

The Safeguarding and Vulnerable Groups Act 2006 also introduces a legal requirement for individuals intending to work with children or vulnerable adults to register with the ISA from July 2010. Existing employees and volunteers working with children and vulnerable adults in regulated activities will be required to register from April 2011. Both groups will also be required to have enhanced CRB checks as part of their ISA registration process.

Note that there is no need to panic to get all your existing staff and volunteers ISA registered or CRB checked now as they will only be required to register from April 2011, how-ever, if any individual member of staff or volunteer is due for a renewed CRB check, it can be done at any time before April 2011. In addition, if you are taking on new staff members or volunteers to work with children or vulnerable adults, they will still need to have enhanced CRB checks before July 2010 when the requirement for ISA registration comes into effect.

Please contact CAS for a CRB application form or if you are a non-member please con-tact us on 0207 467 5216 for membership joining information.

Changes to the Disclosure process

Those working with children or vulnerable adults must apply for an Enhanced CRB check.

Standard Disclosures are still available but will only show if the applicant has any cautions, convictions etc. A Standard Disclosure will no longer check against the barred lists. For a paid worker the cost of a Standard Disclosure is now £26.

We can now request checks against the ISA Vulnerable Adults Barred list for anybody working with vulnerable adults. (Previously only those providing statutory care, such as in a residential care home, were eligible for the POVA check.)



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