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Easington Lane Celebrate One Hundred Years of Women’s Auxiliary

Easington Lane Celebrate One Hundred Years of Women’s Auxiliary ...

On 7th March 2016, Easington Lane I.M. Church Women’s Auxiliary celebrated their 100th year of meeting together and all who had worked faithfully over the years following the word of God. The Women’s Auxiliary commenced in 1916, so the Rally needed to be extra special.

The programme was arranged by our minister, Mrs. Jean Merton and the meeting was opened by our Women’s Auxiliary President, Mrs. Margaret Grey. Margaret said the prayers and then talked about and remembered those women who began our Women’s Auxiliary all those years ago. Appropriately, the ladies sang ‘Precious Memories’ which was followed by readings, recalling people and times from the past. Hymns were chosen from a selection that would have been sung back then. Mrs. Julie Oldham gave a lovely rendition of one of her favourite hymns as a solo. The music was played by our pianist, Mrs. Anne Pringle, this was greatly appreciated.

Fifteen local Women’s Auxiliary Branches represented their churches. Each church chose a verse from a favourite hymn to sing at the Roll Call.
Mrs. Valerie Smith the Assistant Secretary led, as the Secretary Mrs. Jean Mills was on a hospital visit. A card was read out on her behalf giving her apologies. The singing of the responses was wonderful and nostalgic but very happy and everyone enjoyed having a good sing in worship to the Lord.

A beautiful celebration cake, made by our sister Mrs. Vivien Ford, was cut by Margaret Grey. She invited Mrs. Renee Wilson from Greatham, the oldest Women’s Auxiliary member aged 105, to help her (see photograph). The Benediction and Grace were sung before going into the schoolroom for lovely tea of ham and turkey salad and cakes.

Our ladies of the Women’s Auxiliary were proud to share the 100th Anniversary Celebration with friends and visitors from around the districts. It was a very special afternoon that was enjoyed by all. The Spirit of God was with us and His blessings were upon us as we gave thanks to Him – our Lord and Saviour Jesus. Amen.

Mrs V. Smith