President's Update
Monthly activities

December 2015

Wednesday December 2nd saw me dropping in at Friars Green for the Ladies Carol Service, combined with the folk from our Risley and Stockton Heath churches. It was good to see Mona Caldwell, Friars oldest member, in attendance, along with Anne Stanworth, Ron and Lorna Percival and a good number of others. They were pleased to receive the greetings of the Connexion and a good time of worship and fellowship was enjoyed by all. (Photo: Friars Ladies with Risley Carols.jpg)

Risley IM Church Carols

The very next day, Thursday 3rd December, had me catching the train to our capital! It was my privilege to represent you at a meeting of Churches Together in England, held at Lambeth Palace and hosted by the Archbishop of Canterbury along with Bishop Nigel Stock. This was a fascinating and inspiring meeting that saw approximately thirty denominational leaders come together. As we were gathering, Justin Welby heard me say to Roger Forster of Ichthus, that it is a joy to see the way that Christians are working together in these days and, that at grass roots level, denomination is no longer the barrier that it was. The Archbishop entered the conversation and commented "Ken, you’re absolutely right, and I believe that this is nothing less than a mighty work of the Spirit of the Living God!” Later in the meeting we heard details of the horrors of the Syrian conflict from Bishop Angaelos of the Coptic Orthodox Church. There was opportunity for discussion and we were encouraged to positively meet the challenge of reaching out to refugees entering our communities. Have you considered what opportunities the incoming refugees offer to your fellowship?

Justin Welby

On Sunday 6th December I was back in harness at my own church, Friars Green, and Friday 11th saw me at the Resource Centre for the Admin Meeting. It was a joy during this meeting to recognise the 30 years long service of Andrew Rigby – the Resource Centre Manager. Thank you Andrew for your tireless commitment to the Lord’s Work.

Coffee morning followed at Friars Green on 12th December – We had decided to combine our monthly Coffee Morning with Christmas Carols – it worked tremendously well and we saw the Gospel transmitted in song to family members and Coffee Morning regulars alike. We will definitely repeat this format!

Friars Green

Due to the nature of my coming into post as your President, external preaching appointments were scarce in December. The fellowship at Friars therefore made the most of having me around… I was preaching there on Sunday 13th December in the evening, and leading both Carol services on the 20th!

Thursday 17th December saw me meeting with asbestos specialists to have a survey carried out at the church. Did you know that it is a requirement to have an asbestos survey done on your buildings and to keep the file accessible? Other contractors coming in to carry out work have the right to ask to see the survey… and if it can’t be provided they are perfectly at liberty to leave the site! Have you had an asbestos survey at your church?
Immediately on finishing work for the Christmas break (Christmas Eve), I came down with the most horrendous winter cold virus. It was a good job that I was already off work because it seriously laid me low and I was not to really emerge until mid-January!

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