President's Update
Monthly activities

August 2015

Sunday 2nd August saw my first preaching appointment as President with our Appleton church giving me the warmest of welcomes. It was truly encouraging to hear of the success of midweek activities and hear of the challenges resulting from this growth. Please pray for them as they seek the Lord’s direction and empowering.

Appleton Church(
Appleton Church with its impressive new signage

The evening saw me leading Coffee Praise at my own chapel, Friars Green. My thanks to them for the prayer and support that they have given, and continue to give.

On the second Saturday of each month Friars Green hold a Coffee Morning between 10am and 12 noon – This is an event that I rarely miss but, during the next two years, I will not be as regular – It was good to share with folk in anticipation of my absence. Sunday 9th saw me preaching at Friars in the morning and West Street, Thatto Heath, in the evening. It was good to share God’s word and to hear of plans they are exploring for the future. It was also heart-warming to see Geoff Davies and his wife Val in the congregation – they have settled here following the closure of our Prescott chapel.

Thatto Heath Church
Thatto Heath Church

Friday 14th August had me attending my first Admin Group meeting. A slightly early finish from work saw me up at the Resource Centre for the 4pm start. It was a busy meeting covering many aspects of the general administration of the Connexion. Please pray earnestly for this group as they carry a heavy burden of important work – Often work that goes unseen but is vital all the same.

On Sunday morning, the 16th, I was preaching at Friars Green and, in the evening at Kent Street Community Church, Warrington… more of Kent Street later! A week later, 23rd August, I was sharing the gospel at Sutton Village Community Church (Herbert Street) – The worship was a blessing – thanks Rob and team.

Sutton Village
Sutton Village Church